Top 3 Most Expensive Supercars in the World

When it comes to supercars, there a couple of attributes and characteristics that define them. Next to speed, acceleration and handling there is also a matter of price that defines what we call a supercar. Some are built to be fast, some to provide luxury, but the most expensive ones bind all quality’s together to provide with the best supercar model that money can buy. If ever wondered how expensive supercars can be, here is a list that will indulge your curiosity. This information is from our mates over at the hire agency in the UK. Thanks again for all the hard work and value you give us.

Lamborghini Veneno.

This car is a sight to behold, as it provides the most sophisticated look that a car can have without losing the slick and elegant aspect to esthetic. The price alone suggests that it’s one of the most advanced models of a supercar. For merely 4.5 million dollars you can enjoy in pleasures that this supercar can offer.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Now, here we have an example of a supercar that doesn’t look like too much on the first sight. But where looks can be deceiving, the price plays a significant role in giving a hint of what this car is capable of.  For 4.8 million dollars you will not only get a status of most expensive supercar owner, but also a list of commodities that goes with it. A 4.8-litter dual-supercharging engine will impress even the most cold-blooded supercar fans.


 Maybach Exelero.

Here we have the absolute champion in the category of most expensive supercars in the world. Before mentioning the price let’s what this car has to offer regarding luxury, comfort, and handling. Let’s start from micro-fiber tiles that allow a perfectly soundproof driving experience to anyone in it. Next to this and a fully automated window cover that activates with the push of a simple button, there is a list of gadgets and accessories that are installed in the interior of the car like a thermometer and a speed meter for the side passengers.  And finally, let’s mention the price. Maybach Exelero is easily the top paid car as the price goes around 8 million on the current market.