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Supercars Important Parts

Supercar Engines

Supercar Engines

The Difference between a V6 and a V8 Engine

What differentiates one supercar from another is the set of characteristics that it possesses. While one series of a supercar is best known for its speed, other is famous for its acceleration of luxury that it provides to its owners. Regarding engines types, every time a supercar is mentioned there is a V6 or a V8 engine. So what Makes a V8 Engine so Inferior? The main difference between a V6 and a V8 engine is the amount of cylinders it has. A classical V6 engine has, you’ve guessed it, six cylinders, while a V8 has eight of them in a “V” formation.

Supercar Gearbox

Supercar Gearbox

Manual over Automatic Transmission

What transmission system is better for a supercar? While automatic transmission has its advantages, manual transmission system in supercars is a better option if you are going for control and handling. As automatic system provides a smoother ride and fewer things to worry about when shifting gear, a manual system provides with more controls over speed and shifting gear. When it comes to maintaining speed, there is a matter of shifting to right gear to reduce a loss of momentum.



Which material is best for chassis

Number one material for construction of supercar chassis is aluminum. Contrary to popular beliefs that carbon-fiber is the top choice for constructing the basic shape of a supercar, aluminum shows how available and more durable choice for chassis construction.  With every model of a supercar that is produced, there are slight differences in design and construction plan, but there is one thing that all of them have in common- aluminum. This is the material of the future at least when it comes to supercar chassis.

Advantages of Buying a Supercar

Although there are many obvious reasons for buying a supercar, what are the advantages of the purchase of a supercar regarding social status? For the most part, supercar provides a chance to elevate your social status to a higher level. This allows meeting new people and acquiring valuable contacts. But how come that this comes with one another? Well since there is a matter of price when it comes to buying a supercar, it proves to be a ticket to higher society groups. The fact that you can spend millions of dollars on a vehicle proves that you have class and above all that you are a successful and intelligent individual.


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